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The city of Ica is located on the south coast of Lima.
It is an oasis amidst the desert plains of Peru, is an area with a great story first inhabitants date back 10,000 years.

In Ica deserts are extensive, as the Pampas cruiser, Villacurí Pampas, where the heat is intense.

Ica is located in the Paracas National Reserve; her living colonies of various animals, such as seals and shore birds of various kinds.

Geography and climate

Nestled between the beauty of a wonderful sea, spectacular arid desert and fertile valleys, Ica has managed to define a personality based on its history, culture, natural scenery and the variety of its traditional products, recognized in the world.

With a population of nearly 700,000 inhabitants and an area of 21,305 km2, Ica is one of the provinces with the highest proportion of land below 500 meters.

Its boundaries are:

North Lima; northwest, Huancavelica; east, Ayacucho, and south, Arequipa.

Ica is the place where the landscape subdues, not by snow-capped mountains, as in other regions, but the vastness and ruggedness of an area swept by the wind and sand.

Its surface is mainly composed of vast plains or shoals of flat or slightly undulating terrain, cut by a set of small agricultural valleys.

The department of Ica due to its location in the desert, enjoys a dry, sunny climate all year.

Tourist review

The city of Ica is as said, a stout flavored desert coast, dunes and large shoals, bathed in the harsh sun burning pampas saltpeter.
Ica serves on countless beaches and peñeríos of extraordinary beauty, it is a lonely land, where reign the most powerful winds of the Peruvian coast.

This desert region, has a strange feeling to anyone who stops to admire the hills of broken stone by the sun, his dreams sunsets or just enjoy their pecans, butter beans, oranges and plums.

Chincha, the birthplace of the black art of Peru, is the gateway to the department of Ica which begins with the sound of drums and stomping


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