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Five things you can't do when to travel to Peru

People around the world want to travel to Peru, you can find many reasons to travel to Peru and fully enjoy their regions.
However, we must consider some necessary advice.

1.- Does not plan to travel to many places quickly.

Many visitors must make several tours and travels very quickly, trying to fit many walks in just a few days of vacation. Arriving in Peru should consider biodiversity, geographical extent, the diversity of regional weather, transportation and time. Also, if you consider hiring an extreme sport, you have to have insurance before proceeding.
You must connect to your travel agent for a package of excellent books; If you want to travel on your own, do not forget to buy a good book to tell defined map or contact a trusted guide distances. Considering the transport area and attractions of each and every place. Therefore, it is best to choose four destinations for a fortnight, quite enjoy the trip. If your list is Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, it takes at least 72 hours. Most importantly, enjoy it, take it easy and prepare.

2.- Do not carry a lot of luggage, or illegal things.

They spent many visits to various regions and carry your luggage. Do your best to make it as light as possible. In most hotels provide shampoo, soap and conditioner. If you prefer one in particular, the best known brands include pharmacies and shops. As for clothes, keep in mind that Peru is one of the largest producers of cotton, gold, silver, pisco, alpaca; Therefore excelentesproductos, easy to get and cheap.
You can not go to Peru with animals or plants, if allowed pets must seek advice from the Peruvian consulate. It is also forbidden to enter with drugs (including marijuana), with sentences ranging from 15 to 25 years or less in prison.
Otherwise if you subtracted valuable things, hire a security service or use safes.

3.- Be forewarned with climate change.

Particularly the southern regions and jungle. Bring each of the elements to defend against weather and insects.
If you enjoy adventure sports like mountaineering, trekking, eco-tourism, which should be ready to take action, preferably in groups or perhaps in the company and another person.
Remember that you should not drink tap water.

4.-No one can take authentic pre-Hispanic objects or animals in danger of extinction.

In most regions there Peruvian archaeological sites and nature reserves, some of them, who have access to enter the territory freely or walk over the area. You relax, enjoy and benefit from the whole atmosphere. Moreover, it does not really delete, fossils, ceramics, metal or textile value prehispanic archaeological or historical objects.
To go from a real object must have a “Certificate of ownership, not of Cultural Heritage and the Nation”, issued by the Ministry of Culture of Peru. If the object is “original and authentic” is not enough for the receipt or invoice on the seller. Otherwise, if a copy, no problem.

5.-Do not go places or just lending money to strangers.

Try to be careful when your money, or camcorders, ipad, iphone, tablet to prevent loss or theft. Therefore, it is better to have holiday insurance that covers lost baggage and flight at least.

Finally, most important of all, experience the travel insurance will probably be wonderful.

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Arequipa - Tourist Attractions

Colca Canyon

It is just about the main holiday destinations in Peru, traditional celebrations, where crafts and textiles from the place are executed, one will discover hot springs. This canyon is brought on by the failure in the Andes and also the Colca River which has a depth of nearly 3400 meters. It is considered the deepest canyon on earth.

Church in the Company

This church was internal 1698, is often a tourist attraction well visited, you will find ashlar structures crafted from volcanoes.
Within this great site you is able to see Cuzco paintings. His style is baroque kind of Arequipa. It may be visited from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm.

Mirador Yanahuara

It is situated in a district with the exact same name because the lookout, with this place you will see beautiful landscapes of Arequipa including his 3 most popular volcanoes. Yanahuara this far away of 2 km from Arequipa, with traditional neighborhood of cobblestone streets and old houses made from ashlar.
This tower was internal the nineteenth century and is made from ashlar arches in which it has recordings of celebrities from Arequipa.

Monastery of St. Catherine of Siena

It was founded in 1579, was suffering from earthquakes and rebuilt to hold the original appearance, is extremely close to the main square.

It is recognized as the most critical religious buildings in Peru.

Plaza de Armas

As in a city would be the central attraction, where we are able to find the cathedral, you can also discover the Church with the Company, the famous portals Arequipa which are the city council rolling around in its colonial era before .
Contains beautiful pools through the resort plus some small ornaments making it a great location for tourism or even take a break

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6 Safety tips for traveling to Peru

1. Current exchange: we advise our clients to exchange money before depature from their countries. American dollars and Euros can be exchanged into Soles in banks, authorised places such in Miraflores and also Lima town (Centro de Lima). When Traveling in Peru,There also are money exchange people who work casually in some avenues of the capital, there is a minimal fee difference; however, for security reasons,we would strongly recommend you doing in authorized places.

2. Transport: we would suggest our travellers to commute by authorised taxis. Hotels normally provide this service. If not, make sure the cabs have the signs on the side of the car (black and yellow). There is not taximetres in our taxis; therefore, payment is in cash. Fees from Miraflores to Lima town usually are US $5-7 or 15-20 Soles.

3. Water: avoid drinking water from the tap.  The water is purified at the source but the distribution system may allow the water to be contaminated en route to the tap.  Water bottles are sold in shops, petrol stations and supermarkets.

4. Restaurants: Lima is the gastronomic capital of America; therefore, there is a  wide range of prestigious restaurants which combine  our Peruvian ingredients with international dishes such: Chinese, Italian, Japanese, etc. However; you can not miss our famous Cevicherias (seafood). The most popular restaurants are located in Miraflores, San Isidro and Lima town.

5. Passport: at the airport you will receive our “Andina card”, which we recommend presenting with your passport at the hotels you stay in.while visiting Peru. Please, mind carefully the “Andina card” since it’s relevant and could easily gotten lost.

6. Tips: It’s up to the visitors giving tips at restaurants and places they visit. Usually, the tips are not included in the bill but if you wish giving a tip, it normally is 10% of the total bill

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Machu Picchu

If you are thinking of trying the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, but can not determine the time of the season to attend, then you will have to team up with the ancient Incan festival of Inti Raymi.

Machu Picchu was essential to the worship of the sun along the Inca was place so that when a civilization that held sunlight in such high esteem, I guess for the Incas, winter had not been a pleasant time of season.

The trips are incredibly popular area for testing, but there are plenty of large and small ways more "conventional" fun with beautiful interior landscape of the region.

The bike is a great way to get the region, the Sacred Valley of Cusco, and there are many great opportunities for cycling. For travelers who want to create an assortment of cycling, as well as a base for venturing to Cusco, where access to a selection of destinations is offered. Make your way to the hallway near Málaga down the mountain for just a breathtaking view from the summit Wakaywilca and Veronica Glacier and savor the forest changes from the Andes. Last trip turned into a great half day through Sacsayhuaman, allowing you to explore this ancient garden within a nontraditional. Highly recommended tour takes you through the valley of Santa Maras city, you could go out for the salt mines of Maras Murray.

Horseback riding is a great way for families to spend more of Cusco and the Sacred Valley. And riding on the Sacred Valley takes you to the Urubamba River and the Andes or before heading to the salt mines of Maras. This horse with the stillness of the valley could be the perfect solution for a day and enjoy the breathtaking views of the valley. Perhaps the best place to look for horses in Cusco. He will be riding in the region of Cusco passing through traditional villages, clubs plus some Inca ruins.

This visit allows brokers to determine areas in the scene, as well as learn more about the region surrounding the city.

Visit to Peru
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Traditional Meals you need eat When traveling to Peru


Ceviche is probably the most widely used dishes of Peruvian foods, that is consumed down the coast of Peru. There are several varieties and styles to get ready, dependant upon the area. Undoubtedly one of many most prosperous, regardless of its efficiency, may be the ceviche. You can attempt this recipe at any region of the country nevertheless they are quite preferred inside the north coastline of Peru.

Pollo a la Brasa

The grilled fowl wing, one of the common recipes of Peruvian dishes and the majority of ingested in Peru.

The Grilled Chicken breast is eaten with French-fried potatoes and clean greens composed of grated, tomato and lettuce carrot, beetroot and cucumber, additionally mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.


Anticuchos is incredibly well-liked food items inside the avenues of Peru, hearts and minds marinated grilled various meats dished up on a adhere.

In Peru is ingrained part of the deepest practices in the Peruvian nation’s most classic and widespread skewered meat coronary heart.

The constituents as well as their preparation starting from the bottom of the center of beef cut into parts

To year the meats is generally employed organic oils, minced garlic cloves, cumin, lemon juice, reddish colored pepper sauce spaghetti, and clean floorpepper and salt, red wines white vinegar, darker oregano, vegetables and beer of all kinds. It is wide-spread all through Peru palate.

Lomo Saltado

Lomo Saltado can be found in every place through the region. It is actually a platter with sautéed beef, onions and tomatoes provided with possibly French-fried potatoes or rice, or sometimes each.

Lomo Saltado a combination of Peruvian and Chinese tastes, which in Peru is referred to as “Chifa” meals. Exactly what makes the dinner stand out may be the vino useful for sauté which supplies a rich special taste.A regular dish that you ought to consume when you are traveling to Peru


The root cause is a common Peruvian dish traditionally made with yellowish carrots, bad orange juice or lemon, yellow pepper, oil and salt. It is usually filled up with fish, chicken or any other lean meats and veggies. It is provided cold, as insight.

Numerous visitors choose traveling to Peru.
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5 Wonderful Causes of going to Machu Picchu

A lot of people can instantaneously identify a photograph of Machu Picchu. The original Inca metropolis from the Andes of Peru has unique characteristics: the natural stone "pyramids", mountain peak peaks and fog that envelop the remains are amazing that many would love to see directly. As one of our customers stated: "Peru is mystical" - and there are numerous chances to Machu Picchu now!

That is why, I've develop 5 Wonderful Reasons to go to Machu Picchu.

1. Machu Picchu is surely an awesome site for history buffs

The remarkable remains not even know until fairly recently in 1911 - and appear apparently untouched by person.
Historical past buffs will like to find out the majesty of Machu Picchu and wonder at the way the Incas created Machu Picchu without the instruments we now have right now.

2. Sanctuary Lodge

It’s the incredible views and the service that make the Sanctuary Lodge a great choice, although the proximity to the ruins lets you avoid the huge crowds by going in the late afternoon and early morning.

3. The views!

Are you able to imagine ranking immersing up the scenery an enchanting spot? Plan to take a walk early each day to the direct sun light door.

You may get rid of this gorgeous look at? Moves to Peru and Nvive this question! !

4. The Hiram Bingham Coach

The Belmond Hiram Bingham is really a luxurious and distinctive train service all contained in the will reside a whole day of memorable encounters.

Voted “Best Train worldwide" by readers of Condé Nast Traveller Great britain (2011).

Described one of the 7 greatest trains in the world (Condé Nast Traveller 2010).
The Belmond Hiram Bingham is among the 10 most beautiful routes worldwide (NBC).

5.Traveling in the town Lima - Peru

Lima is normally overlooked, has a lot of background and a great deal of archaeological web sites. It is easy usage of Lima airline flight from Us.. Culinary Activities in Lima contend with almost every other location worldwide. If you like good food and enjoy experiencing new dishes, you'll want to be sure you have time to enjoy some of the experiences in this interesting city!

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Tips to choose agency in your Trip to Peru

1. Blog Recommendation, in truth referenced using a Travel agency Travel Blogs Specialized, is definitely an reliable way to find out the a higher level reputation with all the services provided from the agency. Having positive presence within these Blogs is a method to validate to others the service offered

2. Is good to understand that we come in the hands of experts in tourism industry instead of be a guinea pig. One indicator is most likely the years on the market and if they have more than two decades, it ?s greater, as it ?s a business with experience and consolidated inside a dynamic market including tourism, where daily close and open many agencies. Many of them highly susceptible to the own crisis of tourism, sector are getting to be globalized. Lengthy stays in the competitive market can also indicate that it is an organization with great adaptability to switch and proactive technologies
3. Official certification is quite important to find out that the travel agent is certified being a provider on this activity in Peru. There is often a National Provider Directory Tourist Service, this directory is administered from the competent institution in the State (Mincetur) and regulates good practice, certifying that it is an organization incorporated and complies using the rules and regulations required because of the Peruvian State for carrying out this activity.You can check this directory on this page

4. IATA Certification, the international certification is a vital reference for evaluating a Travel agency in your journey to Peru. The IATA is quite selective and demanding companies regarding this group. They are usually constantly audited both legally and financially, including bank guarantees for assigning personal lines of credit required inside generation of air tickets. An IATA travel agent has autonomy within the use of reservation systems of air tickets directly. These allow a far more efficient and close operation reservation systems available worldwide. In the market you'll find agencies that outsource this operation and should not be handling reservations and according to other agencies focusing on ticketing.

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Amazon is famous thanks to its cloud forests, areas with stunning microclimates, intense humidity favors flora such as orchids and bromeliads and animals.

The capital, Chachapoyas, with narrow streets and a large square, retains its colonial mansions and balconies beautiful and incredible past.

Perched on top of rocky hills and protected by a defensive wall, Kuelap houses inside circular enclosures with shots decorativos.En the area you can also visit the Lake of the Condors or Mummy, the waterfall and the Coffin Chinata Karajía amazing tombs mud two meters nestled on top of a rocky mountain. Cradle ancient civilization of the Chachapoyas.

In the ancient history of the Amazon village, the first traces of the presence of vision of primitive man through those rocks eroded granite engraved with symbols and signs did thousands of years, axes, cut and polished tipped arrows and mills stone scattered across the state.

Written history shows that after the arrival of the Spaniards was also much later than in the rest of the country, since access to this area was very difficult. Some stories tell of massacres of Indians in 1606 Airico; the great event for those times must have been the subject of Father Acuña, that passing the Black River from its confluence with the Amazon discovered the existence of Caciquiare in 1639.

Amazonas department hosted the influential Chachapoyas culture. Its rocky buildings, temples, forts, platforms, tombs, pottery and cities testify to the great progress made by civilization

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Tourism in the Lake Titicaca

Located between Bolivia and Peru, Lake Titicaca is one of the most admirable lakes on Earth.
It is located at a high altitude, esencialemente a more than 3,800 meters above sea level, as well as a visit to Titicaca is definitely an unforgettable skill for any visitor.

When visiting Lake Titicaca, Puno is the best place to stay on the Peruvian side of the lake. 

The capital of Scotland-Puno can be an interesting destination for a visit, as is the folklore capital of Peru. He also wears a beautiful cathedral, which is close to many interesting places in Peru as Machu Picchu or Cusco.

Lake Titicaca is usually a sacred area for the Inca civilization, Inca mythology says the first Inca king, Manco Capac, was developed here.

According to Inca mythology, this is actually the place the place the world is made of, once the god Viracocha came out on the lake and came up with the sun, the celebrities and the first people.

You will have a multitude of places to discover on the shore of Lake Titicaca, and the many islands that exist in the lake.

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6 Things you Should Not do When Traveling to Peru

Everyday, travelers from around the world come to visit the country, there are many reasons to visit Peru and enjoy their regions. However, keep in mind some necessary tips and be prepared for the journey.
If you are about to travel, there are things you should consider:

1.- No plan to visit many places in a short time 

Many visitors want to do different tours and trips in a short time, try to fit many walks within a few days of vacation. Arriving in Peru must take into account biodiversity, geographical extent, climate diversity of each region, transportation and time. Also, if you are thinking about an extreme sport, must have insurance before proceeding.
You must connect with your travel agent to make a good travel package; If you prefer to travel on your own, remember to buy a good book to show map defined distances or contact a trusted guide. Considering the transport of each area and the attractions of each place. It is therefore
advisable to choose four cities in fifteen days, to fully enjoy the trip. If your list is Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, it will take at least three days. Most importantly, enjoy yourself, take it slow and plan ahead.

2.- Do not carry a lot of luggage, or illegal things 

They have spent many visits to different regions and carry your luggage, try where possible to make it as light as possible. In most hotels provide shampoo, soap and conditioner. If you prefer a particular, well known brands are pharmacies and shopping centers. Take necessary. As for clothes, keep in mind that Peru is one of the largest producers of cotton, gold, silver, pisco, alpaca; So, you're getting great products, amazing and cheap. So you want to buy and have no room to carry.

3.- No trip to a region without first finding the climate and location 

It is advisable to be forewarned climate, especially the southern regions and jungle, as there are many showers. Bring all the necessary elements to protect against weather and insects.

If you enjoy adventure sports like mountaineering, hiking, ecotourism, you should be ready to do so, preferably in groups or with another person.
Remember that you should not drink tap water, but bottled water, be careful when at high altitudes comoJunín, Cajamarca, Cusco, Puno and much of the mountain traveling. Before making the trip, you should see a doctor.

4.- You can not take the country, authentic pre-Hispanic objects or animals in danger of extinction. 

In most regions there Peruvian archaeological sites and nature reserves, many of them have access to enter the territory freely or walk around the area. You'll relax, have fun and enjoy the whole atmosphere. Moreover, it is prohibited to remove archaeological or historical, fossils, ceramics, metal and textiles pre-Hispanic objects value.
To take a real object must have a "Certificate of property not belonging to the Cultural Patrimony of the Nation", issued by the Ministry of Culture of Peru. If the object is "original and authentic" is not enough for a receipt or invoice from the seller. Otherwise, if a copy, no problem.

5.- Do not go alone to places, or lend money or items to unknown 

Try to be cautious to show money, cameras or video, ipod, ipad, iphone, tablet, laptop to prevent theft. It is therefore advisable to have travel insurance that covers at least lost luggage and flights. If out walking at night by little crowded areas or remote regions, so the tour group or leave the address of your hotel.

6.- Taxi

You should be careful when choosing a taxi. At airports no official transport companies, otherwise there is a wide range of lines of private taxis.

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy the ride, it sure will be wonderful.

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Places to go in Peru

Although Machu Picchu is among the best known and a lot popular tourist sites on the globe, it isn't the only attraction worth seeing in Peru.

1) Arequipa as well as the Colca Canyon

Arequipa is recognized as the "White City" due to white volcanic sillar stone employed to build its churches, monasteries and exquisite homes.

2) Chiclayo - Calling All Archeologists

Chiclayo in colonial times would have been a simple village that sat incongruously on the highway between Lambayeque and Zaa. Recent archeological discoveries from the pyramids of Tcume,

3) The Sacred Valley - travel experiences that has a spiritual twist

The main stretch on the Sacred Valley in the Incas lies between towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo and rewards visitors that has a wealth of well-preserved Inca ruins, having once been the heart on the Inca Empire.

4) Huaraz as well as the Cordilleras

The Cordilleras are called the White Mountain Range and quite often the "Switzerland of South America" for snow-capped summits, turquoise blue lagoons and spectacular Andean landscapes. Huaraz, the nearest town, is truly one of Peru's oldest civilizations and is also home towards the splendid Huascarn National Park.

5) The Amazon River

For people that love nature and biodiversity, the virgin nature from the Amazon forests and jungles provides a full range of exuberant plant life and animals. The area is well preserved to provide some in the richest kinds of birds and mammals in the world as well as an abundance of amphibians, insects and reptiles.

6) Lima The Capital of Peru

As the gateway on the country, Lima is usually a bustling metropolis. It's historical center is packed with colonial constructions and it is home to one in the best museums in South America, the Larco Herrera. Lima also supplies a great selection of cultural shows, game houses and has now a mouth-watering culinary tradition.

7) The Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines include things like wonderful types of immense figure and lines that happen to be the work of your ancient Peruvian civilization as well as set on a high plain from the barren desert.

8) Paracas

Paracas would be the destination in Peru for nature lovers and bird watchers. There is much history inside the town to draw in visitors in addition to your nautical sports of windsurfing, diving and ocean fishing.

9) Trujillo

For those considering archeological and historical tours, Trujillo offers pre-Inca locations for example Huaca de la Luna, Huaca del Sol plus the ancient mud built capital of scotland- Chan Chan which assist you to explore the ruins and pre-Columbian civilizations that after flourished here.

10) Puno and Lake Titicaca

Titicaca could be the highest navigable lake on this planet containing the Uros, Taquile and Amantini Islands. As a folkloric capital of Peru, Puno offers alternatives towards the tourism of archeology, living culture and nature and biodiversity tourism of Peru.

When considering alternatives for your upcoming Peru vacation, stay away to just adhere to the crowds to Machu Picchu. Consider one from the suggestions above to experience a more unique experience!