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6 Things you Should Not do When Traveling to Peru

Everyday, travelers from around the world come to visit the country, there are many reasons to visit Peru and enjoy their regions. However, keep in mind some necessary tips and be prepared for the journey.
If you are about to travel, there are things you should consider:

1.- No plan to visit many places in a short time 

Many visitors want to do different tours and trips in a short time, try to fit many walks within a few days of vacation. Arriving in Peru must take into account biodiversity, geographical extent, climate diversity of each region, transportation and time. Also, if you are thinking about an extreme sport, must have insurance before proceeding.
You must connect with your travel agent to make a good travel package; If you prefer to travel on your own, remember to buy a good book to show map defined distances or contact a trusted guide. Considering the transport of each area and the attractions of each place. It is therefore
advisable to choose four cities in fifteen days, to fully enjoy the trip. If your list is Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, it will take at least three days. Most importantly, enjoy yourself, take it slow and plan ahead.

2.- Do not carry a lot of luggage, or illegal things 

They have spent many visits to different regions and carry your luggage, try where possible to make it as light as possible. In most hotels provide shampoo, soap and conditioner. If you prefer a particular, well known brands are pharmacies and shopping centers. Take necessary. As for clothes, keep in mind that Peru is one of the largest producers of cotton, gold, silver, pisco, alpaca; So, you're getting great products, amazing and cheap. So you want to buy and have no room to carry.

3.- No trip to a region without first finding the climate and location 

It is advisable to be forewarned climate, especially the southern regions and jungle, as there are many showers. Bring all the necessary elements to protect against weather and insects.

If you enjoy adventure sports like mountaineering, hiking, ecotourism, you should be ready to do so, preferably in groups or with another person.
Remember that you should not drink tap water, but bottled water, be careful when at high altitudes comoJunín, Cajamarca, Cusco, Puno and much of the mountain traveling. Before making the trip, you should see a doctor.

4.- You can not take the country, authentic pre-Hispanic objects or animals in danger of extinction. 

In most regions there Peruvian archaeological sites and nature reserves, many of them have access to enter the territory freely or walk around the area. You'll relax, have fun and enjoy the whole atmosphere. Moreover, it is prohibited to remove archaeological or historical, fossils, ceramics, metal and textiles pre-Hispanic objects value.
To take a real object must have a "Certificate of property not belonging to the Cultural Patrimony of the Nation", issued by the Ministry of Culture of Peru. If the object is "original and authentic" is not enough for a receipt or invoice from the seller. Otherwise, if a copy, no problem.

5.- Do not go alone to places, or lend money or items to unknown 

Try to be cautious to show money, cameras or video, ipod, ipad, iphone, tablet, laptop to prevent theft. It is therefore advisable to have travel insurance that covers at least lost luggage and flights. If out walking at night by little crowded areas or remote regions, so the tour group or leave the address of your hotel.

6.- Taxi

You should be careful when choosing a taxi. At airports no official transport companies, otherwise there is a wide range of lines of private taxis.

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy the ride, it sure will be wonderful.

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