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Five things you can't do when to travel to Peru

People around the world want to travel to Peru, you can find many reasons to travel to Peru and fully enjoy their regions.
However, we must consider some necessary advice.

1.- Does not plan to travel to many places quickly.

Many visitors must make several tours and travels very quickly, trying to fit many walks in just a few days of vacation. Arriving in Peru should consider biodiversity, geographical extent, the diversity of regional weather, transportation and time. Also, if you consider hiring an extreme sport, you have to have insurance before proceeding.
You must connect to your travel agent for a package of excellent books; If you want to travel on your own, do not forget to buy a good book to tell defined map or contact a trusted guide distances. Considering the transport area and attractions of each and every place. Therefore, it is best to choose four destinations for a fortnight, quite enjoy the trip. If your list is Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, it takes at least 72 hours. Most importantly, enjoy it, take it easy and prepare.

2.- Do not carry a lot of luggage, or illegal things.

They spent many visits to various regions and carry your luggage. Do your best to make it as light as possible. In most hotels provide shampoo, soap and conditioner. If you prefer one in particular, the best known brands include pharmacies and shops. As for clothes, keep in mind that Peru is one of the largest producers of cotton, gold, silver, pisco, alpaca; Therefore excelentesproductos, easy to get and cheap.
You can not go to Peru with animals or plants, if allowed pets must seek advice from the Peruvian consulate. It is also forbidden to enter with drugs (including marijuana), with sentences ranging from 15 to 25 years or less in prison.
Otherwise if you subtracted valuable things, hire a security service or use safes.

3.- Be forewarned with climate change.

Particularly the southern regions and jungle. Bring each of the elements to defend against weather and insects.
If you enjoy adventure sports like mountaineering, trekking, eco-tourism, which should be ready to take action, preferably in groups or perhaps in the company and another person.
Remember that you should not drink tap water.

4.-No one can take authentic pre-Hispanic objects or animals in danger of extinction.

In most regions there Peruvian archaeological sites and nature reserves, some of them, who have access to enter the territory freely or walk over the area. You relax, enjoy and benefit from the whole atmosphere. Moreover, it does not really delete, fossils, ceramics, metal or textile value prehispanic archaeological or historical objects.
To go from a real object must have a “Certificate of ownership, not of Cultural Heritage and the Nation”, issued by the Ministry of Culture of Peru. If the object is “original and authentic” is not enough for the receipt or invoice on the seller. Otherwise, if a copy, no problem.

5.-Do not go places or just lending money to strangers.

Try to be careful when your money, or camcorders, ipad, iphone, tablet to prevent loss or theft. Therefore, it is better to have holiday insurance that covers lost baggage and flight at least.

Finally, most important of all, experience the travel insurance will probably be wonderful.

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