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Amazon is famous thanks to its cloud forests, areas with stunning microclimates, intense humidity favors flora such as orchids and bromeliads and animals.

The capital, Chachapoyas, with narrow streets and a large square, retains its colonial mansions and balconies beautiful and incredible past.

Perched on top of rocky hills and protected by a defensive wall, Kuelap houses inside circular enclosures with shots decorativos.En the area you can also visit the Lake of the Condors or Mummy, the waterfall and the Coffin Chinata Karajía amazing tombs mud two meters nestled on top of a rocky mountain. Cradle ancient civilization of the Chachapoyas.

In the ancient history of the Amazon village, the first traces of the presence of vision of primitive man through those rocks eroded granite engraved with symbols and signs did thousands of years, axes, cut and polished tipped arrows and mills stone scattered across the state.

Written history shows that after the arrival of the Spaniards was also much later than in the rest of the country, since access to this area was very difficult. Some stories tell of massacres of Indians in 1606 Airico; the great event for those times must have been the subject of Father Acuña, that passing the Black River from its confluence with the Amazon discovered the existence of Caciquiare in 1639.

Amazonas department hosted the influential Chachapoyas culture. Its rocky buildings, temples, forts, platforms, tombs, pottery and cities testify to the great progress made by civilization

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